Who is this Dad guy anyway?

An Introduction

So who is Dad anyway?

This Dad is just your average middle-aged white guy with a receding hairline, a wife, two kids, a dog and a mortgage (accelerating, beautiful, awe-inspiring, stubby and interminable, respectively).

And what makes him an authority on anything?

He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Communications, an MBA with a concentration in investment finance, 30 years in the financial services industry working in the specialty of employee benefits. He has clocked 50 some-odd years on the planet; 28 of those as a husband, 26 as a homeowner and 23 as a father.

He is also an amateur genealogist: 10,000+ individuals in the database with ancestors going back to the 1300s including royalty and half a dozen Mayflower passengers.

He is a huge Disney fan, a recumbent bicycle rider, a percussionist, a ukulele strummer, a model maker, a grammar nerd, a jazz lover, a church volunteer, a job seeker, a bad but enthusiastic photographer, a mediocre cook, a hack golfer, a brother, a registered independent, a Christian, a closet motorcycle rider and a wannabe actor.

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