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Steak for the cookware-impaired

In my Dad’s last post he very adamant about using a cast iron skillet.  However, since cast iron isn’t part of the young apartment dwellers’ basic collection, I needed a revised recipe.  Dad told me this when I called him confused with a package of ribeye in my hand:

1) Heat butter in the best skillet you have.  The hotter the pan gets, the better.

2) Sear the ribeye for 30 seconds on each side, which locks in the juice.

3) Broil the ribeye for 4 minutes on each side.


My Ribeye

4) Let it stand 10 minutes so the fat settles.

It turned out great!  I felt like next Gordan Ramsey!

Take a look at how scrumptious it turned out.

Thanks Dad 🙂  Great Advice.



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